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We are a team of professional photographers

Prism Lens is a creative wedding photography company started in 2012 by Bhakti Kanjolia and Prosun Bordoloi.

They are all about keeping it artistic and realistic, with an inclination towards capturing a story in every frame. And since we know that realistic and gripping pictures come with a price, you will see the two lurking in the shadows, occasionally hanging from a tree or rolling on the floor—just to capture the shy glances, inside jokes and the dream-come-true expressions in pictures that will make you laugh and cry. Helping someone tell a story on their special day through compelling visuals, emotions, a tear here, a laughter there, is what pushes this wedding photography duo. Further, they believe that there’s nothing bigger than gifting someone a happy memory.“This is why we are photographers, and this is why Prism Lens was born,” they point out.  

Bhakti n prosun are outstanding artists. They capture precious moments with such ease and bring out the best result! I would recommend them to anyone who wants to work with someone nice and someone who is brilliant at work.

Sumedha Lamba Monga